Cloudant Announces Accelerator Program, SpaceCraft Selected

Boston, MA - June 6, 2013 - Cloudant, provider of a globally distributed database-as-a-service (DBaaS), today announced its Accelerator Program, a sales program designed to help young companies go to market on the highly scalable, always-on Cloudant NoSQL DBaaS on a startup budget. The services provided through the Accelerator Program are identical to Cloudant's full-priced services, including a dedicated three-node database cluster and load-balancer on either Rackspace or SoftLayer infrastructure services, as well as technical account manager (TAM) service that includes data modeling and 24x7 gold support.

Operating with limited funds, many Web and mobile startups feel pressure to go to market without a growth strategy for back-end operations. For these companies, sudden success can cripple the database systems powering their applications. The goal of Cloudant's Accelerator Program is to make it more affordable for startups to launch their businesses on a data layer that gets them to market fast and does not inhibit their growth or profitability.

"Cloudant's Accelerator Program is excellent. Very few vendors understand the situation many Web startups are in, but Cloudant definitely does," said David Wood, CTO of SpaceCraft. "We had been managing our own CouchDB servers, but as our customer base grew, Cloudant's service became the obvious choice. The Accelerator Program is a perfect fit for us as it allows us to use the infrastructure needed to support our rapid growth, while managing our costs."

To qualify for Cloudant's Accelerator Program, startups need to be focused on developing mobile or Web applications, have fewer than 30 employees, be backed by venture capital and be in the pre-revenue stage of their business. The program delivers Cloudant's full DBaaS solution at a reduced cost (a 50 percent discount) for three months, with the option to extend the discount for an additional three months if development has been delayed. Unlike industry-standard 12-month contracts that carry penalty clauses, Cloudant allows Accelerator Program participants to opt out at the end of the three-month program with no penalty.

"We wanted to match Cloudant's technology innovation with innovation in our sales programs," said Tom O'Connell, vice president of sales and field operations at Cloudant. "With the Accelerator Program, we want to get up-and-coming startups on the Cloudant DBaaS early on and invest in their long-term success. We launched a pilot of the Accelerator Program in January 2013, and we've had such success with it that we're announcing its general availability today."

Production-proven at large scale, Cloudant lets developers focus on what they do best: build applications. Cloudant's fully managed DBaaS provides high-availability, low-latency access to data and around-the-clock expert monitoring and administration, allowing customers to offload the administrative burden of operating and scaling distributed databases.

Current customers of the Cloudant Accelerator Program include Datuit, SpaceCraft, Virtru, and Wieck Media. Visit for more details on the program.

This press release was first printed in the Wall Street Journal.