SpaceCraft Announces a New Listings/Digital Knowledge Solution for Customers

Austin, Texas - April 5th, 2018 - SpaceCraft, a leading website builder and marketing platform, has announced a new integration with Yext, Inc., the leader in digital knowledge management. This new direct integration pulls key customer information such as phone numbers, locations, hours and more directly from the SpaceCraft platform and syncs this data with approximately 150+ applications across the web. The new offering greatly simplifies a customer’s data management while improving the accuracy of their online listings.

“We are excited to partner with Yext since it improves our central platform and allows customers to better control and improve their web presence.” said Stuart Frazier, Director of Operations for SpaceCraft.

SpaceCraft now offers customers access to digital knowledge management directly built into the platform. As a Yext Certified Partner, SpaceCraft will now sync participating customer’s data across approximately 150+ applications in the Yext PowerlistingsⓇ Network, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Bing and more. This allows services to clearly display accurate business information pulled directly from SpaceCraft websites improving customer’s search results and accuracy of listings. “Business owners don't want to deal with multiple marketing specialists, they want a singular solution that allows them to manage their entire digital presence. That's what we're building here at SpaceCraft." Frazier also stated.

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About SpaceCraft:

SpaceCraft empowers small businesses and organizations to easily build a powerful web presence. Through the company's web-based software and live customer support, SpaceCraft helps customers create and manage beautifully effective websites that work across all devices — mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Founded in 2010, SpaceCraft is based in Austin, Texas. For more information visit