SpaceCraft Announces Developer Tools

Austin, Texas - October 12, 2012 - SpaceCraft, a website publishing platform, announced today the launch of new tools for developers. SpaceCraft, which provides an easy-to-use content management system built using cutting-edge technologies such as responsive web design, HTML5, and structured data, will now enable access to a toolset to web developers who want to customize sites created with the SpaceCraft platform. Currently, SpaceCraft enables small business owners to easily build and manage beautiful websites that look and work great on mobile, tablets and PC. The company’s clients range from athletes, including Lance Armstrong, to restaurants, manufacturers, photographers, and bloggers.

The developer-focused toolset allows anyone with expertise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to extend the site created by the SpaceCraft platform through custom JavaScript and CSS. The open source Ace editor, which powers the excellent Cloud9 IDE, has been incorporated into the developer tools, allowing for a rich code-editing environment from within the SpaceCraft admin tool.

Additionally, a new block is available to developers, allowing them to add raw HTML content that can be styled as a block.

"We designed these tools to complement the output generated by our platform, allowing for developers to easily enhance a site’s visual appearance or behavior,” says David Wood, Chief Architect of SpaceCraft. “Our services group has been using the tools to add custom features to sites, such as customized email capture forms and navigation treatments, and we’re excited to see what our customers create."

For developers who do not want to override the styles generated by the design tool, the tools also allow the developer to suppress all SpaceCraft generated styles.

About SpaceCraft:

SpaceCraft empowers small businesses and organizations to easily build a powerful web presence. Through the company’s web-based software and live customer support, SpaceCraft helps customers create and manage beautifully effective websites that work across all devices — mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Founded in 2010 by Adam Moore and Jeff Williams, SpaceCraft is based in Austin, Texas. For more information visit