SpaceCraft Announces Launch of Private Beta Program

Austin, Texas - January 27, 2012 - SpaceCraft, a web-based publishing platform for small businesses, announced today the successful launch of their private beta program.

SpaceCraft empowers small businesses to create and manage websites through a powerful content management system (CMS), producing websites that function seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Through a design technique known as responsive design, SpaceCraft sites automatically resize and rearrange content effectively across all connected devices with no additional work for the customer.

The idea to create a platform that allows business owners to create content once and publish everywhere began to take shape for founders Adam Moore and Jeff Williams in late 2010. After preliminary development and several key hires, SpaceCraft set out to find 100 small businesses to test the publishing platform. The search resulted in nearly 500 requests to participate in the private beta program, and the first of the 100 selected SpaceCraft sites will be unveiled in March 2012.

"The interest in our beta program has been fantastic. We look forward to working with our beta customers to not only create beautifully effective websites, but also to get valuable feedback on how we can improve our product," says VP of Creative and co-founder Jeff Williams. "We have a great framework established for our product and we are excited to continually add new features and functionality." Although the beta release is a limited version of the company’s ultimate vision, beta customers will have access to the cornerstones of the SpaceCraft product: its proprietary CMS, fully-responsive web sites and live customer support.

“We’ve been working at an impressive pace to get to where we are today, and it’s only the beginning of where the SpaceCraft product will go,” states CEO and co-founder Adam Moore. “The potential behind the technology we’re employing and the demand for such a solution is extremely exciting, and this is merely our first step.”

Pricing for SpaceCraft will start at $49/month as well as an optional $1599 Website Setup Bundlefor customers wanting professional content and design services and one year of service. Participants in the SpaceCraft Beta Program will be able to test the system free of charge until full release in spring of 2012.

As SpaceCraft rolls out the 100 beta sites, more room may become available to participate in the program before full release. To submit a request for a beta invite click here, or call 888.534.2183.

About SpaceCraft:

SpaceCraft empowers small businesses and organizations to easily build a powerful web presence. Through the company’s web-based software and live customer support, SpaceCraft helps customers create and manage beautifully effective websites that work across all devices — mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Founded in 2010 by Adam Moore and Jeff Williams, SpaceCraft is based in Austin, Texas. For more information and to request a beta invite, visit