SpaceCraft Introduces Collections, A Turnkey Solution for Importing Partner Data Into End-User Websites

Austin, Texas - October 19th, 2016 - SpaceCraft, a content management system powering thousands of websites, announces a new platform component called Collections that allows partners to seamlessly connect their existing data sources with end-user websites. Partners can then manage and style their content using SpaceCraft’s robust set of content and design tools.

Expanding on SpaceCraft’s approach to utilizing structured data, companies that offer web based solutions to end customers can now use Collections to integrate, style and display content across one or multiple client websites. This functionality makes it easy for partners to quickly create content and feature rich customer websites by leveraging their existing content sources. Partners can utilize SpaceCraft’s robust design tools to quickly create unique and effective ways to display their content. Collections also offers access to configure 3rd party content directly in the platform, such as managing data fields and adding or displaying content.

”We are excited to launch this fantastic new offering. Our goal has always been to offer customers a better way to distribute their data online.” of said Adam Moore Co-CEO of SpaceCraft. “We have already partnered with several large companies to pilot this new functionality and are actively looking for additional partners who want to take advantage of this new solution.”

For SpaceCraft, this is a crucial milestone towards their ultimate goal of becoming the best hub for data distribution online. SpaceCraft has already begun launching websites with several partners using this new offering.

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SpaceCraft Contact:

Eric Tarlo, Director of Sales