SpaceCraft Partners with BirdEye to Offer Customers Integrated Review Generation

Austin, Texas - May 3rd, 2018 - SpaceCraft, a leading website builder and marketing platform, has announced a new partnership with BirdEye, a next-generation business reputation and customer experience platform. The latest update to the SpaceCraft website platform displays data pulled from BirdEye. With this update, real-time customer feedback from top review sites populate in the SpaceCraft reporting dashboard.

With the BirdEye integration, SpaceCraft dashboards display real-time customer reviews that sync from over 250 third-party websites. Site owners can receive instant email and SMS alerts every time a review is posted about their business. This allows business owners to respond to feedback quickly and easily.

SpaceCraft’s partnership with BirdEye also introduces the ability to collect customer reviews right from the reporting dashboard. The updated dashboard makes it easy to enter a customer’s information and send them a review request after their service or purchase. The customers receive an email and SMS message with links to leave a review on a third-party site or voice their concerns in a private message.

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About SpaceCraft:

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