Chalk Wall SpaceCraft

A Day in the Life of a SpaceCraft Copywriter

Sometimes I wish, I really wish, I could give people a peek into what goes on here at SpaceCraft. So today I'm going to.

I started the day at a client's house who is a floral designer, helping her set up Disqus commenting on her SpaceCraft blog, put a form on her Contact page with Wufoo, add some more social icons to her footer, move some pages around on her website, and add a link to her ecommerce shop. She did it all. I mostly watched. That's the heart of live support.

When I got back to the office, I spent several hours on an SEO project for a custom bike frame manufacturer, adding targeted keyword search terms to his website and transferring his blog from an external platform to ours. SpaceCraft is structured so every website already has a major leg up on SEO, but put even a little extra love into it and you're well on your way to competing with the big guys.

In the meantime, I also had a call with a client who is starting a personal training business, talked to Chelsea about a custom jewelry design website we're collaborating on, helped Eric choose photos for a downtown interior design firm website we're creating, and sat in a big orange bean bag for a staff meeting.

Working from my standing desk, I can look out the huge plate glass windows to see bearded hipsters biking down 5th Street, backpack-carrying students zipping into a Car2Go, jowly Harley fanatics gunning it at the light, and well-heeled business ladies walking to their next appointment. When I glance up, I see the huge chalkboard wall behind Eric and Ryan, covered in blue, white, orange and SpaceCraft green ideas, drawings, quotes, and numbers.

If I'm being honest, the thing I love most about working at SpaceCraft isn't the Tito's mini bottles in the breakroom or the stream of eclectic music always coming over the speakers or even the fact that I can wear shorts and Birkenstocks to work.

It's our customers.

They've become our friends and heroes, and when it comes right down to it, we'd do just about anything for them.

I hope you'll join that number. We look forward to welcoming you to the SpaceCraft family.