African girl

Are You As Savvy As a 10-Year-Old?

A few days ago, we noticed a free trial signup that was a little out of the ordinary. The website was created by a nonprofit organization for famine relief, and within a few hours of signing up, they had added a background pattern, some decorative typography, a bright green navigation bar with a dark grey header and footer, and had even customized some of their content blocks with containers and drop shadows. They'd also added colorful photos of smiling Africans and interesting information and statistics about famine. What caught our eye, though, was what they said on their "About Us" page.

They wrote about their intent - to raise money to help victims of famine - and then said:

  • "Some interesting things about us our that we our only 10 years old, and go to bed at 8:30."
  • (Which are both very interesting things, even with their confusion about the word "are.")

Basic design tools to get you started

We were thrilled that 10-year-olds could get inside our system and make great use of our themes, color palettes, content sections and various types of content blocks to create a real, live website. And you can, too. When you create a free trial with us, you have full access to all our robust tools for two whole weeks!

So if you've started a free trial with SpaceCraft and aren't sure where to go from here, we have a few ideas for you. Here are easy, quick things you can do to jumpstart your creative juices and transform your website from a free trial template to a custom expression of your business's vision.

SpaceCraft Themes

1. Choose a theme

From the simple website we give you to begin - a grayscale starting point just one step up from a blank slate - you can choose from our array of themes, from decorative to modern, and instantly transform the look and feel of your website. Check it out on mobile, too; each one is designed to engage the user on a phone just as much as on the desktop.

SpaceCraft Layouts

2. Change the layout

Each theme generates its own layout, with different placements for the sitename (or logo) and various alignments for the navigation. But, depending on what kind of website you have, you may want your navigation vertically aligned on the right side of your website or placed horizontally above your sitename. It's easy to change, so experiment and see what works best for you!

SpaceCraft Backgrounds

3. Add a background

You can upload your own custom background or choose one of our many colors, patterns and textures to take your website's look and feel to the next level. Just go into the Sitewide area of the design panel, choose Overall Style, and scroll down to the Backgrounds button. You can choose a dark basket weave, a light scallop, a speckled concrete look, or any of the others that work best for you.

...and keep on exploring.

Once you've done these three things, click around and see what else we've given you to play with. If you create something you love, but still want to experiment with options, just click on the Menu at the top right of the design panel and save your work as your own theme! You can always revert to it at any time.