Bigger Shopping Carts: Retailr and BigCommerce (Part II of Ecommerce 101)

In our first installment of Ecommerce 101, we examined six solutions for website owners who are interested in selling online on a smaller scale. Today, we're looking at two, more robust platforms, Retailr and BigCommerce, for business owners whose primary goal with their web presence is to sell products or services over the interwebs. home page

1. Retailr

Retailr, a relatively new player in the industry, with a vision to simplify ecommerce, comes with a variety of useful features to streamline your customer's experience and make it easy for you to manage your store. Pricing starts at $14 per month (for up to 25 products) and goes up to $39 per month (for 500 products). Unlike many of the platforms we featured last time, this flat monthly fee covers everything (they don't take a percentage of your transaction or charge per item listed). The features they offer, such as product categorization, product reviews, discount codes, and secure payment options, are easy for even the greenest new business owner to put to good use. home page

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a well-respected name in the industry and is used by a variety of online stores, from well-known brands like Gibson Guitar and Pandora Jewelry to nichey My Doll's Life, a provider of doll clothes. Recently redesigned and looking fine, BigCommerce provides an impressive array of features, including abandoned cart saver functionality (for the $79.95 plan and higher), the ability to sell via Facebook, Amazon and eBay, some great marketing tools like newsletters, product categorization and rules, and secure payment. Pricing (also a flat monthly fee) starts at $24.95 for 100 products and goes up to $299.95 for unlimited products. All plans come with $100 worth of Google AdWords.

Linking your store to SpaceCraft

To use Retailr or BigCommerce in conjunction with SpaceCraft, simply add the content section called "External navigation link" to your website, and copy and paste the URL to your store into the URL field. Call it whatever you want (e.g., "Store," "Buy," "Products," etc.). That title will appear as a tab in your navigation and when your website visitors click on it, they will be automatically redirected to your store.

We're happy to work with you to help design your store for visual integration with your SpaceCraft website. We've also got a few technical tricks to help make your user's experience as seamless as possible. Let us know any we can help!