Playground Workshop

Do You Have a Playground?

It’s Friday.

Playground Jeff

At SpaceCraft, on our shared Google calendar, everyone has 10:30-11:30AM on Fridays marked out for what Jeff entitled “The Playground.” Click into the details of the meeting and here’s what it says:

"This is dedicated time to throw out ideas on what would make our product better. Bring small ideas or big ideas. Don't worry about schedules or what's feasible. Each week we'll try to have a specific topic."

“Dedicated time to throw out ideas.”

Do you have some of this in your business, organization or personal life? A space carved out where dreaming up the impossible isn’t immediately thrown out due to budgetary or time constraints?

Playground Sales

Brittany Wenger had something like this provided by her parents and teachers. And maybe you’re not about to invent an app that diagnoses breast cancer, but maybe someone on your team will come up with an idea to reach customers or cut costs that otherwise wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

Playground Brandon

You won’t know until you try. And it's Friday! Anything can happen.

Get out on the playground.