Email Marketing with SpaceCraft

Email marketing is a great tool for every small business owner’s arsenal. It’s one of the most accessible versions of permission marketing, a method of business development which is much more effective than many more expensive types of advertising. With email marketing, you’re able to send information about your business to someone who asked for it. That means there’s a level of buy-in right off the bat.

  • Email capture field on the hero image of Rob Garza's Official Website
  • Expectation Therapy integrates MailChimp on their SpaceCraft website to capture email addresses.
  • Emo's Austin website lets users sign up for their newsletter in the sidebar on their SpaceCraft website.
  • Constant Contact integration with SpaceCraft

To start building a list of people who want to hear what you have to say about your business, make sign-up obvious on your website so people can easily subscribe. The first step in doing this on your SpaceCraft website is to establish a connection with your preferred email provider in the Connections tool. We offer connections to six great platforms: Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Emma, FanBridge, Mail Chimp, and Response Wise. Once you've made the connection, you’ll be able to drop an Email Capture block anywhere on your site – in your footer, at the top of every content section, in your sidebar, or smack dab in the middle of your home page! You can customize the language of the title above the field, the description inside the field, and the verbiage for the call-to-action button. Click through this image gallery for a few examples of SpaceCraft customers who are using email capture well. (In order: Rob Garza, Expectation Therapy, Emo's Austin, and Haymakers.)

Once you’ve got a bank of email addresses, what are you going to do with them? Check out these helpful links about email marketing to help you develop your strategy:

And, bonus, take the next 19 minutes to watch this paradigm-shifting TED talk by the father of permission marketing, Seth Godin.