Featured Tool: SumAll

We recently started using SumAll to track our website traffic, social media presence and AdWords campaigns, and have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it makes it for us to analyze our effectiveness over time.

SumAll Logo

What is SumAll?

SumAll is a new data visualization analytics tool - technically still in beta - that allows website owners to track performance on a multitude of online properties from one elegant dashboard. It allows you to connect social media profiles, email marketing providers, shopping carts, payment processors, and online advertising to the secure SumAll platform. It then extracts your data and delivers it to you on one easy-to-read dashboard.

Sumall Platforms

Who is SumAll good for?

SumAll is good for anyone who likes to see facts associated with virtual activity. It's good for people who want to know if all that time they're spending on Facebook is really wasted...or if it's actually leading to some revenue. And it's good for people who use several of these platforms already and want a more integrated to seeing what works and what doesn't so they can tweak their allocations of time and resources. (It's also good for people who just like pretty web design, because we think SumAll is pretty darn beautiful.)

How much does it cost?

SumAll is still free because it's in beta, and while they'll be rolling out pricing in the near future, they plan to always have a free plan for basic users.

How do I sign up?

If you just want to check it out or if you're ready to get plugged in and start looking at your data, head over to their website.