What's New: Drag-and-drop Reordering

Over the weekend, you may have noticed some nifty new functionality and a spiffed-up design in the SpaceCraft tool. Now, managing your SpaceCraft website is even easier - and prettier! We added drag-and-drop content reordering and also updated the tool's interface with a flatter design, new icons, and enhanced user experience.

Drag. Drop. Done.

The biggest change for you is the ability to reorder your content using drag-and-drop functionality. You can now more easily move content sections, items in Items List-type blocks (including blog posts, FAQs, products, services, and team members), items in Featured Content blocks, images within an Image Gallery, and PDFs in Resources blocks where you've uploaded multiple documents. Just log in, click into Content, and navigate to the content you'd like to rearrange. Then grab the three little dots to the left of the item and mouse up or down to reposition it.

That's it! Have fun!