Why Wufoo Works

In the world of building websites, to say that forms are important would be an understatement. A majority of people assume that forms are used exclusively to capture potential clients' contact information, but they can also be useful in a variety of digital marketing strategies.

Wufoo Forms

At SpaceCraft we like to encourage our clients to use forms for everything from accepting donations or pre-ordering goods/services to optimizing landing pages and answering customer questions. With that said, integrating forms in responsive design can be tricky without building them from scratch.

That’s why we built a slick integration with Wufoo!

Wufoo is the premier form building software out there. It is super easy to use, utilizes drag and drop functionality, and offers a free plan to get started! The best thing about Wufoo is that they think we are pretty cool, too. Read about why we're partners in this awesome write up.