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Works Everywhere

Every website created on SpaceCraft is completely responsive and scales across all devices seamlessly.

True Responsive Design

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Build a powerful web presence

Your website will scale across mobile, tablet, desktop and more with no need to update multiple versions. Your site will look beautiful at all resolutions and on all devices.

Enhanced Mobile Settings

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Be prepared for growing mobile usage

SpaceCraft's advanced controls allow you to customize your mobile navigation, map settings, and footer options even further. All images are automatically optimized for every device. With SpaceCraft, you can tailor your site for mobile greatness.

Flexible Design Grid

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  • features works everywhere desktop
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One website that works everywhere

Our platform takes advantage of a flexible grid to ensure your site and content will resize on its own without having to mess with additional design or code.

Touch Controls

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Swipe, pinch and tap

Users with touch control devices can effortlessly navigate your pages and galleries. Our intuitive touch controls make exploring your content more natural and fun.

The Latest Technology

Future proof

Our technology is always updated to the latest standards, which means your website is as well. Our servers are hosted on the cloud providing you with security and scalability. With SpaceCraft, your website can grow with you and will never be out of date.

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