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Search Engine Optimization Audit

FREE – ($100 Value)

Let our team of search experts analyze your website and create a plan for improving your current search rankings. Our SEO team uses the power of analytics to identify opportunities for optimization and will improve your web presence through content creation and social media management.

Here's what you get:

Title Tags

We check that title tags are present and not too long or short for display on search engine results pages.

Unique Meta Data

We check that your meta data is present and not too long or short for display on search engine results pages.

Low Word Count

We check pages for low word counts that Google designates as having slim content, hurting search engine rankings.

Pages With Multiple H1 Tags

We check that your site does not have multiple heading level 1 tags, which confuse the structure of the page.

Crawl Errors

We check that your pages can be crawled or in special cases are being blocked by search engine crawlers, including Robot.txt file access.

Text to HTML Ratio

We check that pages have a healthy text to HTML ratio.

Image Alt Text

We check to make sure that all image alternate text is present and not too long or short so that search engines and screen readers know what is included in the image.

Internal/External Links

We check that all links to and from the site are working as intended.

Redirect Errors

We check to make sure that all redirects are properly sending visitors to the correct pages.

Additional Check Points

We also include the following checks in our SEO audits: 4XX errors, duplicate content needing canonical URLs, 5XX errors, sitemap errors, broken images, slow pages and no-follow attributes.

Search Engine Marketing Audit

FREE – ($100 Value)

Whether you're looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, SpaceCraft can help get you in front of your customers at the perfect time on any device.

Here's what you get:

Evaluation of Existing Marketing

We run an initial audit of your existing AdWords campaigns to identify any problem areas. We will also review marketing materials that are provided in order to better develop recommendations for new campaigns.

Develop Keyword List

We utilize proprietary tools and analyze existing keywords on your site to identify keywords that you have an opportunity to rank well for. We leverage these keywords with your goals to strategically plan your AdWords campaign.

Provide CPC Range for Keywords

We evaluate current market trends and industry competition to develop a range of possible keyword cost per click.

Provide Keyword Search Volume

We research how many searches are being performed on Google for your keyword list to develop an idea of how visible your ads could be.

Develop Competitor List

We utilize proprietary tools to discover which of your competitors are currently spending on search engine marketing.

Provide Recommended Budget

We provide a recommended budget to show the best return on investment based on all of the above.

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